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Donation to a charity in Barrie, Ontario. Donation was made to the Barrie Women & Children's Shelter.


When I started Knits By Brit, I always wanted to incorporate charitable donations within my business. I wanted to give back to the community and there are so many wonderful local organizations that I couldn’t choose just one. 

I decided that I would rotate through organizations every three months. I began collecting $2 from every item sold (including paid patterns) over the course of the quarter and donating the lump sum at the end of the three months.

2022 Outlook

I started this initiative in October 2021 and it was a huge success! The generosity from friends, family and customers was unbelievable! Every quarter I post the results on social media so you can follow along. I believe in being fully transparent with this initiative, so at the end of each quarter, I post the total sales and I shout out anyone who gave additional donations on my social media platforms. 

Q4 2021: Total raised: $1,000 - Donated to Youth Haven
Q1: 2022: Total raised: $250 - Donated to the Barrie Women & Children’s Shelter 
Q2: 2022: Total raised: $230 - Donated to The Gilbert Centre
Q3: 2022: Total raised: $250 - Donated to the Ontario SPCA 

Q4: 2022: Total Raised: $250 - Donated to Youth Haven

Donation to a charity in Barrie, Ontario. This donation was made to Youth Haven in Barrie.
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